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Early Bird Special

Early Bird Special

Early Bird Specials 3-5pm Mon-Fri

$24.95 Early Bird Churrasco (Children Churruasco will remain at our regular price with added drink, but no dessert)

Unlimited Salad Festival: Lobster Bisque, Three Cheese Mash Potatoes, Feijoada, Brazilian Cheese Bread, Fresh Fruit Selection, Tortellini Salad & Brazilian Dish of the Month

Full Churrasco Selection: Beef, PoultrySeafood, Pork, Vegetables and our Famous Grilled Pineapple

Choice of Non-Alcoholic Drink: Brazilian Lemonade, Pepsi Products, Iced-Te or Coffee

Choice of one of our Made-From-Scratch Desserts: Brûlée Cheesecake, Fudge Brownies w/Ice Cream, Mango Butter Cake, Brazilian Truffle or Banquet-sized Chocolate Cake

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