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Let us cater your Holiday party, wedding reception, luncheon, or dinner.
We can create a Custom Menu that's perfect for your special occasion.

Tucanos Catering

Tucanos Catering Sets

Tucanos Catering Sets

Our savory Tucanos Catering Sets include your choice of Tucanos grilled entrees, flavor filled sides and your choice or choices of healthy salads. Here's your Catering Set selections:

Grilled Entrees

Turkey wrapped in Bacon, Brown Sugar-Glazed Ham, Sweet & Spicy BBQ Chicken, Garlic-Parmesan Top Sirloin, Teriyaki Beef, Parmesan Chicken and Grilled Pineapple


Homemade Mashed Potatoes, Black Beans & Rice or Steamed Vegetables


Mixed Green Salad with Ranch Dressing, Fresh Fruit Salad and Fresh Herb Pasta Salad

Dinner rolls and butter provided with all catering

Catering Pick-Up - $16.95
per person plus tax

Tucanos will carefully put together your catering order for easy pick-up at Tucanos at your convenience.
BONUS: Free Brazilian Chocolate Truffle

Catering Drop-Off - $18.95
per person plus delivery service charge and tax

Tucanos will conveniently drop off your special meal at your specified location. We will supply you with disposable chaffing stands, disposable dishware, serving utensils and all other items you will need. We will set up your catering at your direction.
BONUS: Free Brazilian Chocolate Truffle

Standard Catering - $21.95
per person plus service charge and tax

Tucanos will promptly deliver, set-up and maintain during your meal. We will provide all necessary equipment, disposable dishware, and clean-up after the service. We will set u p the catering at your direction. Serving tables for the buffet are provided at your request. China, Silveware and Glassware are available for an additional fee..
BONUS: Free Brazilian Chocolate Truffle

Full-Service Catering - $23.95
per person plus service charge, $250 grill fee and tax (200 people minimum)

Tucanos brings our full festive Churrasco to you! We set up at your direction with all necessary equipment and disposable dishware. We will serve sizzling foods from our skewers and refresh the buffet throughout the meal. This is the easiest and most convenient way to enjoy your special event..
BONUS: Free Dessert - Chocolate Cake or Cheesecake.
Tucanos provides every full service catering with two staff members.

Tucanos Box Lunch

Box Lunch - $10.95
dinner rolls and butter provided with all box lunches

A healthy portion of Tucanos most popular items that’s perfect for one. Here’s what you get with your Box Lunch:

Box Lunch Grilled Entrees

Two (2) Garlic-Parmesan Top Sirloin Medallions
Two (2) Turkey wrapped in Bacon Medallions
Two (2) Chicken Parmesan or (1) Sweet & Spicy BBQ Chicken Thigh
Three (3) Slices of Brown Sugar-Glazed Pineapple

Box Lunch Sides
Includes one (1) choice of:

Three-Cheese Mashed Potatoes
Black Beans & Rice
Steamed or Grilled Vegetables

Box Lunch Salads
Includes one (1) choice of:

Herb Pasta Salad, Broccoli Salad
Tropical Coleslaw
Mixed Fruit Salad

Tucanos Add-Ons
We have a lot of delicious choices to enhance any of your catering selections.


Delicious Chocolate Chip Cookies Cookies hand-dipped in chocolate, New York Cheesecake, Brownies, and Nanimo Bars


Tucanos Famous Original Brazilian Lemonade, Tucanos Brazilian Lemonade mixed with assorted fresh fruit flavors, Brazilian Guarana Soda (cans), and Bottled Water

Whether it’s for Catering, Pick-Up, Box Lunches or Platters, Tucanos provides plates, napkins, and utensils with all orders!

Portable Grill available in some markets. $250 grill fee when available.

Do-It-Yourself Catering
Create your own delicious menu by selecting from additional sizzling entrees, hot side dishes and fresh salads:

DIY Grilled Items:

Large Pan
(16 lbs)
Med. Pan
(8 lbs)
Small Pan
(5 lbs)
Turkey wrapped in Bacon$190$100$66
Brown Sugar-Glazed Ham$190$100$66
Garlic-Parmesan Beef$295$165$117
Teriyaki Beef$295$165$117
Beef Brisket$260$130$82
Sweet & Spicy BBQ Chicken$190$100$66
(12 lbs)(6 lbs)(4 lbs)
Grilled Pineapple$100$52$34

DIY Hot Side Items:

Large Pan
Med. Pan
Small Pan
Black Beans & Rice$60$25$13
Mashed Potatoes$55$24$12
Steamed or Grilled Vegetables$75$30$15
Beef Stroganoff & Rice$80$36$18
Pasta & Sauce$55$24$12

DIY Salad Choices:

Large Pan
Med. Pan
Small Pan
Mixed Green Salad$50$20$10
A mixture of romaine and leaf lettuce, garden veggies, tomatoes, shredded cheese, and salad dressing.
Fresh Pasta Herb Salad$60$25$12
Penne pasta mixed with garden-fresh herbs, spices, and Italian cheeses.
Fresh Fruit Salad$60$25$12
A refreshing blend of tropical fruits, melons, and seasonal fruits.
Broccoli Rainbow Salad$60$25$12
A colorful mixture of broccoli, fresh garden vegetables, nuts, raisins, and homemade dressing.
Potato Salad$60$25$12
Our own unique blend of tender potatoes, carrots, onions, eggs, and homemade mayonnaise dressing.
(60 Pieces)(30 Pieces)(15 Pieces)
Garlic Cheese Rolls$18$9$4.50

Prices may vary.
Some items may be unavailable or not listed.
To view your local Tucanos catering menu in PDF form, please select from our Tucanos locations in the left column.