Colorado Springs — Tucanos Brazilian Grill

Welcome to our Colorado Springs location by the Cinemax IMAX Theaters. Come visit us and experience all the festive and mouth-watering Brazilian cuisine you can eat. If you're not already a member of ClubTucanos, be sure to register and receive a free meal in the month of your birthday as well as other delicious dining features throughout the year.

Dining Experience


Meats Grilling at Tucanos Colorado Springs RestaurantWe offer CHURRASCO (shoe-HAS-ko) style dining, where fresh meats and vegetables are grilled and brought directly to your table by our meat servers. While your Tucanos Cue remains green side up, our meat servers will continue to bring fresh selection of meats and vegetables to your table. When you have finished or would like a break, simply turn your Tucanos Cue red side up and our meat servers will skip your table.

Salad Festival

Salad Festival Pastas at Tucanos Colorado Springs RestaurantThough sometimes our tasty meats take front stage, we are also famous for our Salad Festival. It features both Brazilian and American specialties, providing a fusion of distinct flavors, textures and colors. Festival selections include the Tucanos House Salad, hearts of palm, shrimp, seasonal fruit selections, fresh mozzarella, quail eggs and many other items. Hot selections such as seasoned rice, pastas, potatoes, stroganoff, feijoada (a traditional black bean stew) and freshly made soups including lobster bisque are also available on the salad festival to accompany the meat selections. New Salad festival selections are continually added to ensure freshness and variety.

Full Bar

People Toasting at Tucanos Colorado Springs RestaruantOur Colorado Springs restaurant also features a full bar with cocktail tables and a heated outside patio area. It is a great place for after-work cocktail parties, gathering before catching a movie next door, or while waiting on a table for your party.

Additional Information

If you would like additional information about our Colorado Springs Brazilian Restaurant, please click on the links below or contact us.

Tucanos Colorado Springs Events & Specials

FREE Brazilian Lemonade for Helping Others

FREE Brazilian Lemonade for Helping Others


Tuesday Student Nights

Tuesday Student Nights


September Savory Treats

August Savory Treats


Summer BBQ Packs

Summer BBQ Packs


BBQ Sandwich Meal

BBQ Sandwich Meal


In the News!

We thought we would share some videos of Tucanos in the news. The following videos cover our dining experience and Grand Opening Charity Celebration on April 26th, 2012! To learn more about the charities, visit


Tucanos in The Gazette

The Gazette wrote an article about our new restaurant opening in Colorado Springs. We are excited about our Grand Opening on April 5th and thought you may enjoy reading the article. Below is a excerpt and a link to full article

Tucanos Brazilian Grill, a Brazilian steak house, opens Thursday at the First & Main Town Center, southeast of Powers Boulevard and North Carefree Circle on the Springs’ east side. It’s the first Colorado location for the small Lakewood-based chain, which has four restaurants in Albuquerque, N.M.; Boise, Idaho; Provo, Utah; and Salt Lake City.

Like other Brazilian steak houses, Tucanos is known for its all-you-can-eat option; meats, vegetables and pineapples are grilled on skewers, brought to tables and sliced onto diners’ plates. A buffet style food bar also offers Brazilian and American items, including fresh salads, fruits, pastas, breads, potatoes and soups.

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