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November Holiday Savings

November Holiday Savings

Get 15% More

When You Book Your Holiday Part In November

Schedule your Tucanos Holiday Banquet or Catered Event for a weekday (Mon-Thur) in December, during November, and receive 10% back in Tucanos Bonus Cards. Your bonus cards will then be presented at your Holiday Banquet, and be valid January 1st. Expect a lot of Holiday Cheer when everyone loves your Holiday Banquet.

Make your Tucanos Holiday Reservations Now.

*Holiday Banquet must be confirmed to qualify for 10% Bonus Card offer. Offer valid for Mon-Thur events reserved from 11/28 through 01/12/20 only. Not valid for individual dining or banquet paid with gift cards. Tucanos Bonus Cards activate Jan. 1, 2020 and valid until March 31, 2020. Bonus Cards are given out at your event. Bonus Cards exclude taxes and tips.

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