Birthday Club

Tucanos Birthday Club General Information and FAQ's

General Information

  • The Tucanos Birthday Club Free Meal Card is a free special that we provide to our valued guests during their Birthday month. To redeem the card requires the purchase of an additional meal of equal value.
  • The Tucanos Birthday club is available for guests 13 years of age and older. Children 6 and under already eat free.
  • Due to the number of cards we send out each month, we are not able to issue Birthday Club Free Meal Cards per e-mail or phone call requests. Please follow the on-line sign-up procedures or complete an in-store slip. A card will be mailed to you.
  • The Free Meal Card is issued to and can only be redeemed by the person named on the card.
  • Tucanos is not responsible for replacing lost or stolen Birthday Club Free Meal Cards.

How do I sign up for the Tucanos Birthday Club?

  • Click on the Birthday Club link in the menu and complete the on-line sign-up procedure or fill out a slip in one of our restaurants.
  • We respect your privacy, and will never rent or sell your information, but will only use it to provide you with your Free Birthday Meal Card and information regarding special offers if you so desire.
  • You do not need to sign up every year.

When will I receive my Free Meal Card?

  • Please allow 2-weeks to receive your Tucanos Birthday Club Free Meal Card if you signed up during your birthday month. You will receive a postcard in the mail – you will not receive your free meal via e-mail.
  • If you sign-up a minimum of 2-weeks prior to your birthday month, your card should arrive during the first week of your birthday month.
  • We do not guarantee you will receive your card on or before your birthday, but will make every attempt to mail your Tucanos Free Meal Card for your use during the month of your birthday.
  • If you sign-up during the last week of your birthday month, your card will be mailed with those going out for the following month – this allows you time to use your free meal card before it expires.

What if I do not receive my Free Meal Card?

  • Has your mailing address or e-mail address changed? If you need to update any of your information, please e-mail at least two weeks prior to your birthday month with your old and new information -- please be sure to include your birthday month. Our mailing list goes through an address confirmation process and if your information is no longer valid, your name will be removed from the list.
  • If we receive your sign-up incomplete or with missing information (including a valid e-mail address) we will not be able to process your enrollment and you will not be added to the Tucanos Birthday Club and will not receive a Free Meal Card.
  • If you signed up multiple times (or attempt to sign up multiple times), you will be removed from the Tucanos Birthday Club mailing list. We reserve the right to remove names of those abusing the system.