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How to Register for myReadyPay

The myReadyPay self-service kiosk is an entry point for employees to view their payroll information. The kiosk also serves as a single point of entry for employees to access Proliant’s Benefits and Time and Attendance modules. Registering for this will give you access to print your check stubs, reprint W-2’s , and change your address!


To begin, Register at https://www.readypayonline.com/Employee/Login/Register.aspx

You will be required to enter 4 pieces of key information in order to register:

  • Company ID (see list below)
  • Last Name
  • SSN (all 9 digits)
  • Zip Code (First 5 Digits)

Company IDs

Albuquerque – AZ1135
Boise – AZ1139
Colorado Springs – AZ1134
Newport News – AZ1136
Provo – AZ1138
Salt Lake City – AZ1137
St. Charles – AZ1142


Once you're Registered, you may Login at any time by visiting:  https://www.readypayonline.com/Employee/Login/Login.aspx